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I have written some guides to help business owners get on the right track in managing their business financials. Additional guides will be added over time, so sign up to receive my newsletter using the form below to find out about the latest additions.

1. The first guide looks at six reasons why businesses struggle the steps that you can take to avoid falling into the same trap.


2. In “small business financials – key things you need to know”, I cover the differences between a sole trader and a limited company structure, and the main areas of tax that you will need to be aware of, along with an overview of the expenses you can set against your income.


3. I have prepared a guide on how to keep some simple yet informative financial records in a spreadsheet. This guide covers some important concepts such as cash vs accrual accounting and outlines a structure for efficient record keeping which will give you regular business information as well as help you produce your tax return efficiently. I have also prepared a ready-to-use excel template (see below).


4. Also for sole traders, I have a short guide on the upcoming HMRC requirement to maintain and submit records digitally, "making tax digital for income tax self assessment". From April 2024 people with over £10k of income from a business, trade, or property will need to keep digital records and make quarterly submissions to HMRC. Read this guide and get a head start.


5. Accounting terminology can be confusing. This guide explains some key terminology and what your accounts are telling you. Key aspects of the accounts such as the balance sheet profit & loss are explained, plus how they interact, and how they are used to provide some key performance measures.

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