Riley MI is an accountancy firm offering advice and support to small owner-managed businesses. 

As small business owners grow their business year on year, they come up against increasing challenges, the areas Riley MI can help with include:


Cash flow or money management-the most common problem for many businesses.  Understanding the current financial situation of the company is essential, but regulatory financial data is typically produced annually, and is often backward looking and can be months out of date by the time it is produced.

  • I can ensure your systems are fully up to date and provide regular information so you know where you are at all times 

  • I will keep on top of your transactions, making sure they are recorded in a way that identifies the profitable and less profitable areas of your business

  • I will help you prepare realistic plans for the future financial direction of your business and forecast future cash flow


Information may be held in many different payment systems on top of different accounting systems - and each gives only part of the picture.  The complexity of a company’s systems and processes can increases as the business grows - my expertise will allow me to help you master the different systems, reconcile/agree and ensure all the important information flows through to regular reporting


Pulling together data for regulatory financial requirements can take up too much time when you want to focus on front end. Additionally, the jargon used in the financial information (tax return and financial statements) can be confusing

  • I can ensure your accounts are kept up to date so the annual regulatory accounts and tax can be prepared with minimum fuss and you know how much money you can take out of the business and how, e.g. by salary, dividends or drawings

  • I can ensure your transactions are recorded so that you can meet any VAT reporting requirements or help you monitor when you might be liable to register for VAT

  • I can provide an indication of your potential tax liability, avoiding unexpected surprises and helping you plan cash payments


The services I offer go beyond those of traditional accounting firms who bring your books up to date once a year and prepare your statuary accounts and your tax return. I offer these services, and I can also work alongside your accountant and bookkeeper if you would prefer to keep them on. However, the additional services I offer will give you the business insights you need to fully manage your business. 


As well as providing the regulatory financial information your business needs, Riley MI can provide regular, relevant, understandable and importantly timely information that you can use to run your business.





Understand how much money you have available to pay yourself, your suppliers and make further investments.